Church of the Brethren Congregations

2525 directory listings
Janet Stroup 40sc

Student at Life University
Alan Stucky 17sc

I'm a pastor out on the great plains, trying not to get blown away
Paul Stutzman 10sc

Paul Fike Stutzman 9sc

Disciple of Jesus, Husband, Father, Pastor, Author
Sunnyslope Brethren/United Church of Christ 35sc

Combined United Church of Christ and Church of the Brethren proclaiming God is still speaking, calling us to live simply, peacefully, and together.
Wayne Sutton 77sc

May I become peacefully, simply, together with others, a follower of Jesus.
Swarthmore College Peace Collection 25sc

Peace & Conflict Studies @Swarthmore: study conflict from interpersonal to global, with special attention to nonviolent methods of conducting conflict.