Developing Leadership for Justice & Peace in Each Generation


Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth!” - Archimedes

Leverage Your Gifts

This year leverage your #GivingTuesday power by including On Earth Peace in your personal fundraising for this day (December 3).

OEP invests your funds in developing and walking with leaders and communities who work for your goals for justice and peace.

You can easily start your own #GivingTuesday fundraiser for OEP here:

Develop Leaders

We are committed to the work that others can do, rather than just to what we can do ourselves, to help fulfill your wonderful vision of “A world in Beloved Community, liberated from oppression, violence, and war.”

OEP leaders are at work everywhere in each generation — in churches, community groups, trades, professions, business, education, government, and all walks of life — helping to make a more just and peaceful world through the growth and training your gifts have made possible.

OEP leaders turn (im)balances into levers, by moving the center. The more we shift the center, the greater our collective force.

Support the Work

Your #GivingTuesday gifts develop impact leaders!

Help equip leaders with the facts, skills, relationships, and inspiration they need to engage their communities on the important peace and justice issues of our day, to make real impact and change.

Your support is building "A world in Beloved Community, liberated from oppression, violence, and war."


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