An Update on the Community Engagement Grants for Youth Groups

Late last year we accepted our first two applicants for the Community Engagement Grants for Youth Groups (CEGYG). Our first group is the Boarderless Relations Committee from Finlay, OH who are helping youth in their community learn about racial dynamics as well as how to become anti-racist by providing books and workshops to elementary schools. We have met with them to map out their project and have held our first session on how to teach race-consciousness to kids. Two of our interns, Tamera and Priscilla, drew from our webinar Raising Race-Conscious Kids and discussed racial scripts, the detriment of colorblindness, and introduced the group to activities that might be useful in engaging young children. 

Our second grant recipient is the Agape Satyagraha Graduate Program with their project Peace Through Art which will engage the community by creating art that focuses on 4 topics over 4 quarters. They will be learning together, creating together, and empowering their community around the ideas of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. We have had our initial meeting and they will begin their first quarter on Black Lives Matter this month. 

On Earth Peace is receiving applications on an ongoing basis and is excited to see more youth initiated projects come to life! Full description of the grant program and application can be found here.

Thank you to our donors! These Community Engagement Grants for Youth Groups are made possible by generous gifts from the Dale and Ruth Aukerman Peacemaking Fund, the Hazel Peters Youth Leadership Training Fund, and the Paul Ziegler Young Peacemakers Fund. You can donate to On Earth Peace to support this work here.