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For 45 years, On Earth Peace has been a force in justice and peace. Our mission is to develop intergenerational leadership for a better world and your support is what will allow us to carry on this work for another 45+ years. Our roots go back more than 300 years in the historic peace church that birthed our movement and community and in that spirit, we are excited to share this campaign with you.

We hope hearing from the leaders OEP has supported will inspire you to support us- we hope you will feel led to share these stories with others and donate to help support future leaders in OEP. Let these stories inspire you in your own work towards building a more peaceful, just world.  

For our first issue of June, we are highlighting one of our incredible leaders and supporters, Ruth Karasek!

Ruth Karasek

Generation: Baby Boomer (1946-1964)

Ruth developed a passion for peace and activism and an understanding of community development and world issues through her lifelong involvement with On Earth Peace and the Church of the Brethren. She has been a lifelong sponsor and donor to many organizations, including On Earth Peace and Christian Peacemaker Teams, hoping that her contributions will help deliver the peace and justice she is fighting for. 

She is an active member of her community, collaborating with the neighborhood to make sure that it is a safe and functioning system by resolving any conflicts and discussing ways to better the community. Her efforts for justice and peace span from building a Cooperative Grocery Store (which is now only one year away from officially opening) and volunteering with Good Samaritan Hospital as she has been doing for the past 10 years, to her work in crisis counseling as a trained Stephen Minister.  

We at On Earth Peace are proud to have supported Ruth since she was a young adult and we look forward to continuing to support her and leaders like her in the upcoming years! Please visit Ruth’s profile or go to onearthpeace.org/donate to help us continue this work! 

Ruth’s sticker pack reflects her courageous commitment to a life of nonviolence and her passion for justice with peace. You can check out this sticker pack here or by clicking the image above.

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