5.5 JPL: Anna Rodriguez

As you know, On Earth Peace has been a force in justice and peace for 45 years, helping to develop intergenerational leadership for a better world. Our roots go back more than 300 years in the historic peace church that birthed our movement and community and in that spirit, we are excited to share this campaign with you.

These are the stories of the dozens of leaders across generations that OEP has helped to strengthen and support. We hope these stories will inspire you in your own work towards building a more peaceful, just world and we hope you will feel led to share these stories with others and donate to help support future leaders in OEP.

For our first issue of May, we are highlighting OEP's own Kingian Nonviolence Fellow Anna Rodriguez!

Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Generation: Gen Y (1980-2000)

Anna grew up in a small town near Barcelona, Spain. She was raised with values such as the pursuit of equality, justice and determination. She moved to the US with a tennis scholarship in 2015 to pursue her undergraduate degree in Political Science. After living in Lewiston, Idaho for two years, she transferred to George Mason University in Virginia to switch her major to International Relations. Anna joined OEP as Environmental Justice Organizer intern in 2020 and continues as Kingian Nonviolence Fellow.

“The opposite of poverty is not wealth. It's justice.” She believes justice and community empowerment are basic tools that should be provided to our communities to approach violations of human rights. Advocacy, community building and action are key to change.

Visit Anna's profile page to learn more about her work and discover how to get a free sticker of your choice from our growing gallery of peace and justice stickers in the JPO online store.

Anna’s sticker pack reflects her work as Kingian Nonviolence Fellow and her passion for justice with peace. You can check out this sticker pack here or by clicking the image above.

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