Donation Page - Kingian Nonviolence Core Training - May 4-12, 2023

Your support makes our work possible. Thank you for contributing to support On Earth Peace, Kingian Nonviolence, and the work of social justice.

The value of this 16-hour workshop is more than $500/person.   Because of On Earth Peace's interest in accessibility, there is no set fee to attend. The workshop is be offered on a gift basis -- we will explain more during the workshop!  In short, you will choose your own level of contribution. Some may choose to donate $500 or more. Some may pay significantly less -- or nothing. Some may be in a position to donate extra to support other participants! All participants will be invited to help cover the cost of the workshop by fundraising within your own personal or social media networks. If you found your way here because a friend in the course sent you the link - THANK YOU!  

Thank you to all who contribute to support this 16-hour training in Kingian Nonviolence! 


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