Kingian Nonviolence Core Training - May 20-21 and May 27-28, 2023

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May 20-21 and May 27-28, 2023

Come and join us in May for a transformational month exploring Dr. King's philosophy and methodology of nonviolence. This workshop has helped thousands of people in various social justice movements, prisons, schools, and other communities understand the depth of the philosophy of nonviolence and conflict reconciliation.

If you are a faith leader preaching and leading for justice and peace, an organizer working for social change, an activist working to reduce violence in your community, a youth worker/organizer, or just someone who wants to learn how to resolve their personal conflicts better, this workshop is for you! If you have attended a 2-Hour Intro to Kingian Nonviolence at On Earth Peace or come to any of our events, this is a perfect next step to deepen your Kingian practice!

Dates: The 16-hour training takes place over four days in a two-week period: May 20-21 (Saturday-Sunday), May 27-28 (Saturday-Sunday)  Click here to find the start time in your time zone!

Times for each training day: 9am-13pm Pacific / 10am-2pm Mountain / 11am-3pm Central / 12pm-4pm Eastern


  • 4 Pillars of Kingian Nonviolence 
  • Social Dynamics of Nonviolence 
  • 6 Principles (the will) how to view and transform conflict
  • 6 Steps (the skill) how to engage with conflict and organize a campaign
  • Definitions of violence 
  • Types and levels of conflict, and how they escalate and de-escalate
  • Dialectical Thinking 
  • Historical context of the Civil Rights Movement 

What to expect: Mini-presentations, small groups activities, large group conversation, multi-media/videos, opportunities for self-reflection and sharing. Homework will be assigned before and between sessions.  

Facilitation Team:

Emilie Pujol is Social Movement Culture and Leadership & Training Lead at Animal Think Tank, a non-profit currently building a nonviolent social movement for Animal Freedom in the UK. She has been an animal rights and climate justice advocate for a decade, touching on all aspects of activist life from building campaigns, organising events, designing actions, to training others in nonviolent direct action. Today she is concerned with how to support activists to build strong and resilient groups, navigate conflicts in transformative ways. She is a fierce believer in the power of nonviolence to change the world for the better.

Peter Digitale Anderson is the Director of Formation at Peace Catalyst International. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Peter regularly leads workshops and coaches peacebuilders in conflict transformation, nonviolence, and social change. In the Twin Cities, he is focused on catalyzing people to get involved in the work of racial healing and justice, ranging from internal growth and accountability to wide-scale social change. Peter is inspired by the way Kingian Nonviolence offers both a moral and spiritual foundation as well as practical skills for healing and transforming society.

Senior Adviser:

Dr. JoanMay T. Cordova - With a doctorate from Harvard University, JoanMay’s Kingian nonviolence (KNV) work builds on decades of professionally teaching elementary through doctoral students plus experiences in teacher education. Now a visiting professor who coordinates the Human Security Institute at Silliman University in the Philippines, “TitaDoc” served as senior advisor to the 2021 KNV Team Asia/Pacific with participants from Australia, Hong Kong, India, and the Philippines. She's national president emerita of the Filipino American National Historical Society @FANHS_national and currently a board member of the Institute of Human Rights and Responsibilities (IHRR), working with love @ForCommunities. She's a co-editor -- with Matt Guynn, Dean Johnson, and Regina Shands-Stoltzfus -- of the textbook, "Resist, Organize, Transform: An introduction to nonviolence and activism," (Cognella Academic Press, 2020).  

Cost: The value of this 16-hour workshop is more than $500.   Because of our interest in accessibility, there is no set fee to attend. The workshop will be offered on a gift basis -- we will explain more during the workshop!  In short, you will choose your own level of contribution. Some may choose to donate $500 or more. Some may pay significantly less or nothing. Some may be in a position to donate extra to support other participants! All participants will be invited to help cover the cost of the workshop by fundraising within your own personal or social media network. 

Email us at [email protected] with any questions. 

RSVP on this page to indicate your interest and intent to participate in the course. We will follow up with people who RSVP here, sending a detailed registration form you can use to confirm your participation.


May 20, 2023 at 12:00pm - May 28, 2023
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